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Hochwertiger spiritueller Schmuck: Die Herz Chakra Kollektion zum Thema Liebe von ETERNAL BLISS High-quality spiritual jewelry: The heart chakra collection on the theme of love from ETERNAL BLISS
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Hochwertiger spiritueller Schmuck: Die Lakshmi-Mantra-Schmuck-Kollektion zum Thema Reichtum und Fülle von ETERNAL BLISS High-quality spiritual jewelry: The Lakshmi Mantra jewelry collection on the theme of wealth and abundance from ETERNAL BLISS
Hochwertiger spiritueller Schmuck: Die Magischer-Symbol-Schmuck-Kollektion zum Thema Macht und Selbstbehauuptung von ETERNAL BLISS High-quality spiritual jewelry: The magical symbol jewelry collection on the theme of power and self-assertion from ETERNAL BLISS


The power of symbols
Inspired by ancient tradition

Yoga Teacher Steffi trägt den Mondphasen-Anhänger aus der Shakti Schmuck Kollektion von ETERNAL BLISS Yoga Teacher Steffi wears the moon phase pendant from the Shakti jewelry collection by ETERNAL BLISS
Hommage to feminine power


Crown chakra pendant silver

Crown chakra pendant gold-plated

Active feminine energy

Courageous – visionary – unequivocal

Kali makes her way with persuasiveness and passion – she focuses on solutions and prevails. Authentic power is transformational. The point is not to dominate or control others, but to inspire and motivate them through true leadership.

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Om Mani mantra pendant silver

Sri Yantra pendant silver

Elegant interpretations of traditional themes

Most of our spiritual and yoga jewellery is inspired by elements of ancient spiritual traditions: mantras, chakras, the Flower of Life, yantras, and a variety of powerful spiritual symbols. We also develop more specialized pieces, often in collaboration with yoga experts or the Academy for Traditional Chinese Medicine. All our hand-crafted jewellery is made of the finest materials. You can learn more about our five main themes and their meanings below. Happy reading! Love, Cora

Mantra Jewellery

Mantra pendants – symbols of sound and spiritual resonance

The design of our mantra jewellery is inspired by the infinite nature of the divine sounds and the way that practitioners recite them in endless repetition. For this reason, each of our mantra pendants takes the shape of a ring. In addition to representing infinite vibration and repetition, a circle also symbolizes the spirit. In practical terms, mantras aid concentration and help us to focus our thoughts. The pendant's circular form and movement also evokes the principle of the Tibetan prayer wheel: each rotation translates into a recitation of the mantra.

Mantra necklaces: protection and support on our yoga path

Our spiritual mantra jewellery features the most significant mantras for nine central deities. We designed pendants for each mantra in two different sizes plus a version with appropriate gemstones for the different deities. Matching earrings and bracelets complete the collection. Each mantra expresses a fundamentally different energy. Learn about their meanings and follow your intuition to find the right mantra for you.

Mantras – sacred syllables

Mantras are sacred syllables and words expressing spiritual wisdom that purify and expand our spirit. The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic Sanskrit and are at least 3,500 years old. Mantras communicate a meaning, are musically expressive, and have spiritual significance. The simplest form of a mantra is the syllable ॐ (AUM or OM). This is believed to be the very first sound, which was generated as the universe came into being.

Chakra jewellery

Spiritual chakra pendants – inspiring beauty and potent symbols

In the Hindu tradition, a chakra (Sanskrit for "spinning wheel") is one of the seven energy centers of the body. As we design our chakra yoga jewellery, we draw inspiration from traditional depictions of these ancient symbols and the energy they generate. Each chakra's appearance is very different in terms of its form, the number of lotus petals surrounding it, its color, and the symbolism, Sanskrit letter, and beej mantra associated with it. Our vision of authentic, beautiful versions of these powerful symbols drives our creative work.

Spiritual jewellery – balanced energy for body and spirit

The chakra symbols and sparkling gemstones on our spiritual pendants can have a positive influence on the energy flow and balance in our bodies. Since every individual is different, we designed three different collections of chakra jewellery so that you can find exactly the right piece to promote your well-being.

Three lines of spiritual jewellery interpreting the seven chakras

In the first line, each chakra pendant features a glorious genuine gemstone in the appropriate color. Pure gemstone earrings and matching gemstone bracelets enhance the chakra color’s potency. The second line of our spiritual chakra jewellery highlights the beej mantra for each chakra. These Sanskrit syllables – in designs as fine and dynamic as an energy vortex – grace necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Our third series represents the essence of each chakra as a small, minimalistic pendants. They are especially striking in combination, as a set with matching earrings, or paired with a mantra pendant.

Flower of life & seed of life charms

Spiritual jewellery featuring a central figure from the sacred geometry

A perfect match: these two powerful charms support our health and convey balance and inner strength. In many cultures, similar ornaments formed of precisely arranged overlapping circles can be found in ancient religious buildings. This design, known as the Flower of Life, is considered part of the sacred geometry. It represents the fullness of the infinite process of creation. The simpler Seed of Life is composed of the first seven circles, which can represent the seven days of creation. This streamlined figure embodies the principle of dynamic energy.

Two spiritual symbols as a small jewellery edition

Unsere Anhänger und Ohrringe sind von diesen spirituellen Symbolen inspiriert und wunderschön designt. Es gibt sie in unterschiedliche Größen aus Sterling Silber und mit 24K vergoldet, in einigen Fällen haben wir auch feine Edelsteine verwendet, um ihre heilige Geometrie zu betonen. Aus der Nähe sind sie noch viel schöner!

Balance and strength

Tip: our yoga charms based on the Flower of Life and Seed of Life each manifest a different principle. For your spiritual necklace or earrings, you should choose the symbol that intuitively appeals to you. Wearing the Flower of Life or Seed of Life reminds us of our connection to our origins, the primal consciousness, and the vibration of the universe.

Yantra jewellery

Yantras – amulets capturing spiritual energy as form

Bei der Gestaltung unseres Yantra-Schmucks haben wir die traditionellen Darstellungen dieser tiefsinnigen, wirksamen Formen zu Grunde gelegt. Eines ihrer auffälligsten Merkmale ist die exakte, symmetrische Gestaltung, die dazu dienen soll, die rechte und linke Gehirnhälfte in Balance zu bringen. 
Unter Berücksichtigung der vorgegebenen Proportionen und unter Verwendung hochwertigster Materialien, kreierten wir zu zwei göttlichen Prinzipien spirituelle Anhänger: Sri Yantra und Kali Yantra, die wohl bekanntesten Yantras in der Yoga- Philosophie. Natürlich haben wir unterschiedliche Yantra Schmuck Serien designt, um eine Auswahl dieser spirituellen Ketten zur Verfügung zu stellen, denn das richtige Schmuckstück findet dich.

Spiritueller meditativer Schmuck - Repräsentation des Göttlichen 

A yantra is a symbolic composition of energy patterns and structures that represent a cosmic principle or deity. The resulting geometric figures have tremendous ritual and spiritual significance in ancient religious traditions. Contemplating these fascinating patterns can inspire us and help our minds to focus.

Spiritual symbol jewellery

Sources of power and self-expression

The original purpose of spiritual symbol jewellery was to channel or deflect energy. In ancient cultures, jewellery (in forms such as tiger teeth or feathers) was imbued with magical symbolic power. At ETERNAL BLISS, we strive to design modern jewellery that exudes magic and subtle energy. The symbolic power concentrated in a piece of spiritual jewellery can inspire and enrich us. It influences our mental and spiritual state. This power can open, direct, and change our minds in specific ways, allowing our attention and actions to manifest and take the direction we desire.

Ancient tradition and spiritual energy

Beautiful spiritual jewellery supports our awareness and well-being. Fascinating symbols such as representations of Buddha, the lotus, or the sacred pentagram are all sources of positive energy. These symbols and their spiritual power provide the inspiration for our jewellery designs. Capturing and intensifying their essence in a striking piece of yoga jewellery is endlessly rewarding. We explore the deeper meaning of each symbol and draw on our knowledge of harmonious proportions and craftsmanship to transmute it into a timeless form.