OM jewellery

OM jewellery

Pendants and necklaces with the mantra “OM”


OM – sound of creation

OM or AUM is the universal manta – the original word that contains everything in itself. It is a representation of the first sound, the creation. This makes it one of the world’s richest and most significant spiritual symbols and sounds. OM or AUM represents the unity of three in one, as found in the three aspects of the divine being – A stands for Vishnu, U for Shiva, and M for Brahma – or the three states of consciousness (waking, sleeping, deep sleep). At the same time, OM always includes a fourth element, turiya – the pure consciousness that pervades these relative states. OM exists as an eternal, universal vibration and is the point where the absolute and relative worlds meet. It is the transcendental elemental sound from which the entire universe arose. As such, it represents the highest concept of the divine, the formless Brahman or world soul.

EINS BERLIN - eternal bliss - Ring - OM - SPIRITUELLE STÄRKE (50)
EINS BERLIN - eternal bliss - Ring - OM - SPIRITUELLE VIELFALT (50)

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