​Yantra jewellery

A yantra is a traditional diagram that represents an aspect of the divine as a geometric figure. Yantras are extremely ancient tools for worship and meditation, with a history in India stretching back to at least 10,000 BC. Over the intervening millennia, a wide range of sophisticated yantra diagrams have evolved as symbols of specific deities and to achieve different purposes. They are used as decorations in temples and on ritual objects, and are often wore as amulets as well. The history and significance of yantras – especially the traditional role of yantra pendants and charms as both beautiful adornments and powerful tools for meditation – inspired us to create our own yantra jewellery.

Meditation jewellery with authentic yantras in silver and gold

To reflect the inherent value of yantra symbols, all our yantra meditation jewellery is lovingly crafted from the finest precious metals. We use sterling silver, alone or gold-plated in 24-carat gold or rosé gold. On some of our yantra pendants, we also accent key points in the design with genuine aquamarines or rubies to further enhance the yantra’s energy. In every case, the satisfying weight and molded contours of our mediation jewellery make our pendants a pleasure to wear and to hold.

As spiritual practitioners and trained designers, we create yantra meditation jewellery that is both authentic and beautiful. Our yantra pendants meticulously reproduce accurate yantra designs with the highest craftsmanship. Yantra patterns are always organized symmetrically around a central point of origin, known as the bindu, where the physical and spiritual worlds meet. Their regular forms support concentration and focus and help to balance our minds. The yantra patterns on our meditation jewellery are endlessly fascinating and wonderful aids for your spiritual practice.

Our collection of yantra jewellery features two especially significant yantras: the Sri Yantra and the Kali Yantra.

Sri Yantra jewellery for material and spiritual riches

The Sri Yantra or Shree Yantra is the most widely used of all yantras and considered to be the most powerful. It consists of nine interlocking triangles – four pointing upward, which represent the masculine principle or Shiva, and five pointing downward, which represent the feminine principle or Shakti. The interaction of these two principles produces an intricate field of 43 smaller triangles. They are surrounded by two stylized lotus blossoms, the first with eight petals and the second with sixteen. In some depictions, this circular shape is further enclosed in a square “temple” with four portals, representing the four directions of the compass. This frame is the source of the striking shape of some of our Sri Yantra meditation jewellery. Other Sri Yantra pendants follow the circular shape provided by the stylized lotus flower rings. In this case, we represent the four portals to the yantra with stunning aquamarines or rubies.

Our Sri Yantra pendants capture all the detail of the highly complex traditional yantra design. At the same time, each of our Sri Yantra styles expresses this authentic design in a different way. Some of our pendants are slightly convex, evoking the Sri Yantra’s meaning as an emblem of the entire universe. The lines are delicately traced on the rounded metal surface like a precise drawing. In other cases, the negative space in the design is open, so that the interlocking lines form an airy latticework. But thanks to the finest materials, balanced proportions, and skilled craftsmanship, all our elegant Sri Yantra jewellery is a fitting representation of this “queen of the yantras.” The word “yantra” comes from the Sanskrit for “tool” or “instrument,” and Sri Yantra means “instrument for wealth,” reflecting its traditional role of bringing the blessings of material and spiritual abundance.

Kali Yantra jewellery for transformation and healing
As the Hindu goddess of time and change, Kali has the power to slay the demons of fear and illusion. Kali energy is therefore associated with renewal, breakthroughs, healing, and transformation. Fittingly, the yantra devoted to Kali is especially dramatic, making our Kali yantra pendants striking additions to our collection of meditation jewellery. The center of the Kali mantra consists of five nested triangles pointing downwards. Such down-facing triangles are symbols of feminine regenerative power. The triangles are enclosed in two circles, standing for life and death, which in turn are surrounded by a ring of eight lotus petals. The entire design is encased frame representing the world, with gates in each of the directions of the compass.

Kali’s name means “the dark one,” and she is closely associated with the color black. On our sterling silver Kali yantra pendants, we use a special oxidation process to create intense black surfaces. Against this background, the raised accents in polished and gold-plated silver are especially luminous. Red is another important Kali color, and the bindu or center point of our Kali meditation jewellery always glows in a fiery red tone. On some of our Kali yantra pendants, the central triangle is highlighted with red color, while on others the bindu is marked by a genuine ruby. Our Kali yantra pendants are also available in gold-plated sterling silver. Given the importance of red in Kali imagery, we offer the Kali yantra pendants with a rich rosé gold finish as well as stunning 24-carat gold plating. On these pendants, the pattern of the yantra appears as raised lines in the gold or rosé gold surface, with the red ruby or triangle at the center as a single dazzling accent. In addition to her powers of protection and transformation, Kali is celebrated for her ability to grant wishes. Wearing or meditating on your Kali yantra pendant can focus your mind on realizing and achieving what is truly important to you.