Gayatri mantra jewellery

Gayatri mantra jewellery

Pendants and necklaces with the Gayatri mantra “OM Bhur Bhuvah Svaha l Tat Savitur Varemyam l Bhargo Devasya l Dhimahi Dhiyo Yona Prachodayat ll”


Gayatri mantra – hymn to the sun

A call to the sun as the source of light to clarify our spirit and inspire us so that we can experience the absolute truth. The words of this sacred Sanskrit verse are embossed on our Gayatri mantra pendants. Handcrafted from the finest sterling silver, the pendants are also available with a 24-carat classic gold or rosé gold finish. “OM - We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may She enlighten our minds.”

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