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Flower of Life jewellery

Protection and energy - The Flower of Life

A symbol of protection composed of overlapping identical circles that create a fascinating pattern. The triple ring enclosing it stands for the body, mind, and spirit. As a symbol of creation and culmination, the Flower of Life stands for protection and energy. The perfectly balanced Flower of Life has a positive influence on harmonically arranged states, such as our health. We can discover a multitude of other patterns from a range of religious and esoteric tradition within the Flower of Life arrangement. The Tree of Life from the mystical Jewish teachings of the Kabbala is contained in the Flower of Life, and diverse Hindu yantras and mandalas can also be traced in its lines. One prominent example is the Sri Yantra, with a structure that stands for harmony and health. And Leonardo da Vinci was interested in the form and mathematical proportions of the Flower of Life as well.

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