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Tara mantra jewellery

Anhänger, Ketten, Armbänder und Armreif mit dem Tara Mantra*

OM Tare Tuttare Ture Soha - Erleuchtung und Befreiung

Pendants and necklaces with the Tara mantra “OM Tare Tuttare Ture Soha ll”


Tara – the liberator

Green Tara, the liberator, leads us on the spiritual path to happiness. “OM – I bow to the beneficent liberator, who protects us and rescues us from our fears, O most high, all reverence and honor to you as the victor over demons.” These words appear on our Tara mantra pendant in beautiful raised Tibetan lettering. Handcrafted from the finest sterling silver, the pendants are also available with a 24-carat classic gold or rosé gold finish. These magical pendants can bring protection and wisdom on life’s journey and help us solve problems and achieve our desires.

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