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About us

About us


The limited designs by Cora Schwind, Olaf Tegeler, and Werner Reimers are developed in a creative process influenced both by traditional craftsmanship and by mythological and religious conceptions.

ETERNAL BLISS, Werner Reimers, Cora Schwind & Olaf Tegeler machen spirituellen Schmuck

The beautiful forms and rich symbolism of the ETERNAL BLISS collection make each piece a joy to behold. Every design conveys inner strength and openness, guiding the wearer into spiritual realms of harmony and structure. ETERNAL BLISS jewellery refines and heightens our sensibilities and leads us to identify with lasting truths.

To maintain and heighten the energy inherent in the materials and elements, all the components and their presentation are authentic down to the smallest detail: from the Sanskrit lettering to the colors and forms of the gemstones and much more.

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