Ganesha mantra jewellery

Ganesha mantra jewellery

Pendants and necklaces with the Ganesha mantra “OM Gam Ganapat Ye Namah ll”


Ganesha – God of happiness

Ganesha is Asia’s most beloved deity. He represents riches, prosperity, and abundance and stands for good luck. With his playful attitude and his all-embracing knowledge, he easily eliminates obstacles.“OM - reverence to the divine, in its manifestation as Ganesha, the lord of all powers of good and positive energy.” These magical words appear in elegant raised Sanskrit script on our Ganesha mantra pendants. The Ganesha mantra supports success and the courage to attempt new endeavors. Our Ganesha mantra pendants are made of highest quality sterling silver and also available with a 24-carat classic gold or rosé gold finish.

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