Kali mantra jewellery

Kali mantra jewellery

Pendants and necklaces with the Kali mantra “OM Krim Kalikayai Namah ll”


Kali – the protectress

The magical words of the Kali mantra appear in raised Sanskrit lettering on our sterling silver mantra pendants, which are also available with a 24-carat classic gold or rosé gold finish. The elegantly handcrafted Kali pendant is a symbol of protection and transformation. “OM - I bow to the divine, O protector and liberator, in your manifestation as Kali.”Kali the protector helps us to accept the dark aspects of being. As “the dark one,” Kali destroys negative forces (demons, illusions) that prevent us from becoming healthy and liberating our spirits. She cuts through the bonds of confusion or ignorance and clears the way for our release. In ancient traditions, Kali is one of the few goddesses who can fulfill wishes.

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