Anhänger und Ketten - Spiritueller Schmuck von ETERNAL BLISS Cora trägt eine Shiva Mantra, eine Abhaya Mudra und eine Kali Yantra Kette



    Spiritual pendants & necklaces – radiant beauty and powerful symbols

    Strength, comfort, protection – discover our pendants and necklaces with hand-engraved symbols and healing gemstones. Their meaning and beauty will inspire you on your spiritual path. Our collection includes spiritual pendants featuring fascinating gemstones: garnet, citrine, peridot, topaz, amethyst, rock crystal, and more. All of our jewellery is crafted from pure sterling silver, alone or with a 24-carat gold finish. Some pieces are also available in rosé gold. You can pair our different styles of energy necklaces with matching bracelets, rings, and earrings for the perfect combination. Our most popular spiritual jewellery designs are our mantra pendants and bracelets and our Buddha, lotus, chakra, and Ganesha necklaces. Look for yourself and choose the jewellery that touches your heart and speaks to your soul.

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