Pentagram of protection pendant silver

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A pentagram encircled by nine delicately curved lotus petals. The circle represents unity, perfection, and the absolute. The pentagram stands for health. Together, they create a powerful sign of protection.

Pendant Ø: 30mm
Material: sterling silver
Cord: 50cm cotton cord, adjustable to 45 - 60cm
Chain: 50cm anchor chain, 2mm wide, adjustable to 45cm

Choose between the pentagram pendant alone, on our sparkling sterling silver 2mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted garnet red cord. The cord is twisted 108 times and accented with four small silver beads and a lobster-claw clasp. Behind the hook and the elongated ring of the clasp are two special knots that can be used to adjust the cord to the perfect length.

Beautiful jewellery is an expression of our personality. You can also customize your pentagram necklace with your own choice of cord or chain. We have beautiful chains in different lengths and styles, as well as hand-twisted neck cords in a wide range of colors.

Meaning of the pentagram:

The best-known symbol of magic and mysticism. The five points of the pentagram represent the elements fire, water, air, and earth with the ether above them. For Pythagoras the pentagram was a symbol of health. He was especially interested in how the relation of the parts and the whole provide examples of the mathematical “golden ratio.” Our pentagram is encircled by nine lotus petals. As the highest single-digit number, nine expresses greatest possible efficiency to enhance the pentagram’s effectiveness.

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