Sacral chakra - orange

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The Sanskrit letters of the Vam mantra encircled by six lotus petals that symbolize the energy channels or nadis.

The design of our sacral chakra bracelet combines the lightness of an energy vortex with the play of meanings found in Indian symbolism. Thanks to the balanced proportions and the authentic depiction of the traditional Sanskrit letters, the form radiates a powerful energy.

Svadhistana: sweetness

The sacral chakra (also known as the sexual chakra) is located about a hand’s breadth below the navel, at the level of the hipbones. It governs the love of life and the divine power of creation, and is the seat of our original emotions. The sacral chakra resonates in the color orange and its element is water.

Benefits*: Wear this bracelet to activate your sacral chakra, which stands the development of creativity and sensuality. At the physical level: sex glands, blood, lymph.

Details: The sacral chakra symbol is hand-crafted from solid sterling silver. The durable orange band is made of nylon.

Size: The chakra is 16mm wide. The armband is adjustable and can be set to a circumference of 15.5cm to 25cm.

Deliveredin an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.

*Benefits are highly individual and not scientifically or medically proven.

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