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The Sanskrit letters that represent Om, the universal mantra, surrounded by an infinite number of lotus petals symbolizing the energy channels or nadis.

Our CROWN CHAKRA ring is comfortable to wear and interprets authentic timeless symbols in an eye-catching contemporary design.


Wear this ring activate your crown chakra, which encourages transcendence and the higher self. At the physical level: pituitary gland.


Sinuous form paired with fascinating design: a traditional signet ring for men and women.
The CROWN CHAKRA ring from ETERNAL BLISS is hand-crafted from sterling silver. It features a raised crown chakra symbol on the top and four engraved crown chakras on the sides. Two 2mm quartz gemstones are set on the outer sides. The ring’s polished highlights contrast with the oxidized concave surfaces.

*Benefits are highly individual and not scientifically or medically proven.

Delivered in an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.

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