Prana mudra pendant silver - life energy

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Prana mudra pendant silver - also available with ruby

The Prana mudra, the gesture to regulate prana or life energy. The elegant, detailed hand has a wonderfully natural expression. A mandala emphasizes the chakra point on the palm. We created two variants of the Prana mudra pendant. The first, with an upward-pointing hand, features a glowing ruby at the wrist. In the other version, the hand points downward. On both pendants, the wrist is accented with a delicate decorative band.

Pendant Ø: 34mm
Gemstone: ruby, 3.5mm, faceted
Material: sterling silver
Cord: 50cm cotton cord, adjustable to 45 - 60cm
Chain: 50cm anchor chain, 1.5mm wide, adjustable to 45cm

Meaning of the Prana mudra

The Prana mudra is a fundamental hand gesture from India's ancient Vedic culture and is used to regulate the flow of the vital life energy or prana. The word “prana” literally means “breath of life.” The Prana mudra is also a part of yoga and meditation practices, where it helps to keep the flow of energy in balance and under control.

Choose between the ruby Prana mudra pendant alone, on our sparkling 1.5mm sterling silver anchor chain, or on a handcrafted poppy red cord. The cord is twisted 108 times and accented with four small silver beads and a lobster-claw clasp. Behind the hook and the elongated ring of the clasp are two special knots that can be used to adjust the cord to the perfect length.

Or select the downward Prana mudra pendant alone, on our sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted garnet red cord.

Beautiful jewellery expresses our personality. You can also customize your mudra necklace by choosing your own chain or cord. We have chains in different styles and lengths and hand-twisted cords in a wide range of colors.

Packaged in an elegant gift box with an explanatory card about the Prana mudra, the pendant makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about.

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