Madeira citrine ear studs gold-plated

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There are few naturally occurring orange gemstones. These ear studs showcase the pure, unusual beauty of orange Madeira citrine. The faceted cut of the stone brings out its full vibrant energy. Push backs holds the earrings securely in place.

Ear stud Ø: 9mm
Gemstone: Madeira citrine, 7mm/2.1 carat, checkerboard cut
Material: sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat gold

Madeira citrine meaning

The citrine is considered to be a healing gemstone. Its traditional uses include bringing joy, improving our mood, and intensifying our expressiveness. Madeira citrine corresponds to the second chakra or sacra chakra – the seat of sensuality, the enjoyment of life, and creativity. The color orange is also associated with the sacral chakra, so the citrine supports this chakra's qualities of spontaneity, creativity, and the enjoyment of life.

Beautiful jewellery emphasizes our character and supports our self-expression. You can combine the Madeira citrine ear studs with a necklace featuring one of our sacral chakra pedants.

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