Seven-petal lotus pendant silver

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Our pendant features a lotus blossom – the Buddhist symbol of purity – with seven petals formed from clear, gently curving lines. In the Buddhist tradition, the lotus symbolizes purity of spirit, body, and speech that is elevated above earthly desires. In Hinduism the unfolding of the lotus blossom represents a soul opening itself to the divine truth. Many Indian gods are associated with the lotus.

Pendant Ø: 15mm
Material: sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat gold
Cord: 42cm cotton cord, adjustable to 38 - 50cm
Chain: 42cm anchor chain, 1.5mm wide, adjustable to 38cm

Choose between the lotus pendant alone, on our sparkling sterling silver 1.5mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted terracotta cord. The cord is twisted 108 times and accented with four small silver beads and a lobster-claw clasp. Behind the hook and the elongated ring of the clasp are two special knots that can be used to adjust the cord to the perfect length.

You can complete your look with our matching lotus earrings – available in three beautiful styles.

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