Budai lucky charm pendant gold-plated

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This lucky charm pendant is crafted from solid sterling silver and features a sparkling lavender quartz gemstone. It's designed to accompany you everywhere and its solid weight feels good in your hand. A penniless monk who is always smiling, Budai originally symbolized the virtue of self-sufficiency. His bulging sack full of the alms he has received seems to confirm that those who are satisfied by little possess the greatest riches. In Japan, Budai is known as Hotei and became popular with the spread of Zen Buddhism. Budai/Hotei represents an aspect of the Buddha. He is also one of "seven lucky gods" of Japanese tradition. This beautiful pendant is wonderful to wear during meditation or your yoga practice.

Pendant Ø: 14mm
Gemstone: lavender quartz, 2mm, faceted cut
Material: sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat gold
Cord: 50cm cotton cord, adjustable to 45 - 60cm
Chain: 45cm anchor chain, 1.5mm, adjustable to 42cm

Choose between the Budai pendant alone, on our sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted sienna orange cord. Like the pendant, the chain is made of sterling silver gold-plated with lustrous 24-carat gold. The cord is twisted 108 times and accented with four small gold-plated beads and a lobster-claw clasp. Behind the hook and the elongated ring of the clasp are two special knots that can be used to adjust the cord to the perfect length.

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