Blütenanhänger Pale Sundew vergoldet mit Kette von ETERNAL BLISS - Spiritueller Schmuck
Gold-plated pendant Pale Sundew by ETERNAL BLISS - spiritual jewellery

Flower pendant pale sundew with peridot gold-plated


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Heart purification pendant

Drosera pallida, the “pale rainbow sundew,” inspired the design of this pendant. The fine structures of the three-dimensional petals are beautifully recreated. At the center of this magical Australian flower is a precious peridot in a delicate setting. The exquisite faceted cut highlights the brilliant light-green color of this fascinating gemstone.

PERIDOT  3mm faceted cut
MATERIAL  sterling silver / 24-carat gold-plated sterling silver
ANCHOR CHAIN  50cm, adjustable to 45cm; 1.5mm wide

Pale sundew strengthens heart energy

Purification of the heart: “This essence of awakening and conscience brings insight into the dubious nature of avaricious, manipulative power games in the service of self-interest. We become aware of the pointlessness of such behavior and the consequences for others – light becomes visible again in the depths of the darkness. A light that reveals the beauty of life in love and friendship.” Dr. Christiane T. Wesemann

Drosera pallida is a climbing or creeping bulbous perennial from the Drosera family of carnivorous plants. It is native to western Australia, where it grows in deep sand or laterite on sandy planes, in moors, or near coastal lakes.

Drosera pallida develops small flesh-eating leaves grouped in threes on stems that can reach 0.3 to 1.8m tall. Its white blossoms appear from July to November. 

You can choose between a necklace that pairs our pale sundew pendant with a sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain or just the pale sundew pendant alone. 

 Beautiful jewellery supports us to achieve our dreams. You can also create your own heart energy necklace. We have chains in a variety of lovely styles and a wide range of colorful hand-twisted cords.

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