Apana mudra pendant gold-plated - balance

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Apana mudra pendant gold-plated - also available with blue topaz

The Apana mudra, the gesture of calm and self-confidence. The elegant, detailed hand has a wonderfully natural expression. The mandala inscribed in the center of the palm indicates the chakra point. We created two different versions of the Apana mudra pendant. The first is accented with a brilliant blue topaz at the wrist, which is marked with a delicate decorative band. In this version, the hand points upward. The hand in the second Apana mudra pendant points downward.

Pendant Ø: 34mm
Gemstone: blue topaz, 3.5mm, faceted
Material: sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat (pure) gold
Cord: 50cm cotton cord, adjustable to 45 - 60cm
Chain: 50cm anchor chain, 1.5mm wide, adjustable to 45cm

Meaning of the Apana mudra

In ancient times yoga mudras were practiced to bring the five elements in our bodies into balance. In the human body, the fingers represent the five elements: the thumb stands for fire, the index finger for air, the middle finger for space (ether), the ring finger for earth, and the little finger for water. The simple gesture of the Apana mudra can bring a sense of calm and self-confidence and give us balance. It is also said to have a detoxifying effect and help with digestive problems because it stimulates the gallbladder and liver.

Choose between the blue topaz Apana mudra pendant alone, on our sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted mountain blue cord. Like the pendant, the chain is made of sterling silver gold-plated with lustrous 24-carat gold. The cord is twisted 108 times and accented with four small gold-plated beads and a lobster-claw clasp. Behind the hook and the elongated ring of the clasp are two special knots that can be used to adjust the cord to the perfect length.

Or select the downward Apana mudra pendant alone, on our sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain, or on a handcrafted midnight blue cord.

Beautiful jewellery expresses our personality. You can also customize your mudra necklace by choosing your own chain or cord. We have chains in different styles and lengths and hand-twisted cords in a wide range of colors.

Packaged in an elegant gift box with an explanatory card about the Apana mudra, the pendant makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about.

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