5 Elemente Anhänger Wasser mit Aquamarin von ETERNAL BLISS - Spiritueller Schmuck

5 elements water pendant with aquamarines silver


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Chinese Shuí pendant – deep essence

This small pendant features the Chinese character Shuí, which represents the water element. The character Shuí is shown against a delicate abstract water pattern and surrounded by two aquamarines that reinforce this element’s power and characteristics. 

AQUAMARINE  2mm faceted cut
MATERIAL  sterling silver / 24-carat gold-plated sterling silver
ANCHOR CHAIN  45cm adjustable to 42cm, 1.5mm wide

Meaning of the water element

Water represents the time of peace and inner reflection that allows us to access our deepest essence. It symbolizes the depths, darkness, and the unconscious, but also effortless power – like a river flowing to the sea. The water element’s emotion is fear. 

You can choose between our Shuí necklace that pairs our water element pendant with a sparkling 1.5mm anchor chain or just the Shuí pendant alone.

Beautiful jewellery supports our well-being. You can also create your own Shuí necklace. We have lovely chains in a variety of lengths and hand-twisted cords in a wide range of colors.

"The powers of winter generate the moon in the heavens, cold on the earth, and the kidneys and bone marrow in humans." (NEIJING SUWEN)

State: death and renewal, transition, insight
Season: winter
Time of day: night
Direction: north
Climatic factor: cold/HAN
Color: black, blue, clear (like water)
Flavor: saltiness invigorates water; salt comes from water and supports the growth of wood.
Sense organ “opener”: ear

ZANG FU/organ system: kidney/SHEN and bladder/PANGGUANG

The five elements framework

The five elements framework or “philosophy of the five phases of transformation” is a set of Daoist teachings explaining natural phenomena. It describes the laws governing transformation processes in the living world: becoming, being, passing away. The five elements – wood, fire, metal, water, and earth – are derived directly from the natural world. Their characteristics form the basis for the relationships among the earth, humans, and the heavens and within these spheres.

The long tradition of the five elements framework influences traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), acupuncture, and holistic approaches in innovative Western medicine.

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