​Jewellery with spiritual symbols

Throughout human history, people have found inspiration, guidance, and comfort in symbols that represent divine beings, spiritual principles, or sacred ideals and concepts. Some of the earliest symbols were natural objects. A feather could stand for the freedom of a bird in flight; seashells, those mysterious tokens from the hidden realm below the water, were often associated with events like birth and death that involved a passage from one state to another. Wearing totems like these was a way to both partake in their power and adorn the body. In short, the history of symbols and the history of jewellery go hand in hand.

The power of symbols

Symbols also emerged that capture complex ideas as abstract signs or depict deities and higher powers. Jewellery featuring them could extend magical power or protection, signal devotion to a particular set of spiritual teachings, or keep a religious or philosophical creed at the forefront of the wearer’s mind. Spiritual symbols represent our connection to other planes of existence, and when these symbols take the form of jewellery we can incorporate them closely into our day-to-day lives. It’s no coincidence that magical jewellery – in the form of necklaces, amulets, and charms – features in the traditional tales, sagas, and myths of cultures around the world. Another fascinating category of symbols with an ancient history consists of hand gestures or mudras, which evolved to have precise spiritual meanings in different traditions.

Finely crafted magical jewellery

The rich world of spiritual symbols and the long history of magical amulets and charms inspired us to create a very special collection of symbol pendants and earrings. Each beautiful piece represents a symbol that fascinates and moves us. All our symbol jewellery is crafted from the finest precious metals: genuine sterling silver or sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat pure gold or rosé gold. Thanks to our decades of design experience, our symbol jewellery is perfectly proportioned, with elegant lines and a sculptural quality that makes each symbol a work of wearable art.

Explore our four categories of magical symbol jewellery:

Buddha pendants and lotus jewellery: With his example, the Buddha guides us on the path to enlightenment. Our meticulously crafted Buddha pendants show different aspects and interpretations of this great teacher. Some of our Buddha jewellery reproduces traditional sculptures in precise, realistic detail. Others are more stylized, depicting the essence of the Buddha in reduced form. One very special pendant shows the legendary laughing monk Budai or Hotei, venerated as the “Lucky Buddha” who brings wealth and good fortune. A stunning lavender quartz stands for the alms he carries in his full sack, which he happily shares with others.

Our Buddha jewellery also includes magical pendants with related symbols such as the dharma wheel or the lotus blossom. The lotus blossom plays a central role in both Buddhist and Hindu iconography. Lotus plants grow in the muddiest of streams, but because their waxy petals repel water their blossoms always appear perfectly clean. As a result, the lotus is revered as a symbol of enlightenment and purity. In our lotus pendants and lotus earrings, the delicate outline of this precious flower shines in pure sterling silver or in sterling silver gold-plated with pure 24-carat gold. Our dynamically formed lotus bell pendant enchants the senses of sight, touch, and hearing.

Ganesha pendants: With his elephant head and his pot belly, Ganesha is one of the most immediately recognizable of the Hindu gods. His status as the god of fresh starts and a remover of obstacles makes him a beloved figure. In addition to bringing luck to new ventures, Ganesha is the patron of authors, intellectuals, and anyone who writes or performs mental work – making him a symbol of wisdom and success.

Our Ganesha pendants include traditional depictions of the seated Ganesha and wonderful amulets showing a dancing Ganesha surrounded by symbols associated with him. Other striking pendants feature an elegant cameo of Ganesha in an elaborately detailed frame, either in luminous sterling silver or sterling silver gold-plated with vibrant 24-carat gold.
In addition to our magical jewellery with images of Ganesha, we also make a collection of Ganesha mantra pendants.

Magical symbols: From a realistically sculpted feather – one of the earliest and most meaningful natural symbols – to powerful signs of eternity and protection, our collection of magical symbol pendant designs is intriguing and inspiring. Our traditional sun wheel pendant brings this ancient symbol of creativity and joy to vibrant life in gold- or rosé-gold-plated sterling silver with a stunning orange sapphire as an accent. And our pentagram pendants are also available as lockets to hold a personal memento or photo. Finally, our simple charm with the word “Love” provides a reminder of what really matters.

Mudras: Mudras are hand positions that influence the nadis or energy flows in the body. Each mudra evokes and stands for particular physical, mental, and spiritual states. Mudras are best known from their use in meditation, traditional Indian dance, and Hindu and Buddhist art. However, they also appear in the art of other religious traditions as well, suggesting a long history of cross-cultural development.
All of our mudra pendants are exquisitely crafted in solid sterling silver or sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat gold. Each features a delicately traced mandala on the palm. They are also available with genuine gemstones – amethyst, topaz, citrine, or ruby – that complement the mudra’s meaning and further enhance its energy.
You can choose from six different mudra designs:
•Abhaya mudra pendant: An ancient sign of greeting, openness, and protection. In silver or gold-plated silver, alone or accented with a clear topaz at the wrist.
•Gyan mudra pendant: A graceful gesture of the highest concentration. Also available with an amethyst.
•Prithvi mudra pendant: This “earth mudra” balances the earth element in the body, for more stability. Also available accented with a citrine.
•Prana mudra pendant: The Prana mudra regulates the prana or vital life energy and plays a role in many yoga and meditation practices. Also available with a ruby.
•Apana mudra pendant: A gesture of calm and self-confidence that brings a sense of balance. Also available with a blue topaz.
•Dhyana mudra necklace: The very special Dhyana mudra necklace depicts a gesture used in a variety of religious and spiritual contexts, especially meditation, to increase concentration and bring inner peace. Because it involves both hands, this mudra is designed as a complete necklace rather than a pendant. An elegant chain with two integrated OM symbols attaches to the finely detailed loops on the wrists of the hands.   
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