Mantra jewellery

In ancient Indian and Buddhist traditions, mantras are hymns that concentrate and transport spiritual energy. They are generally left in their original language, usually Tibetan or Sanskrit, and may consist of single syllables, words, or longer verses. Mantras are used in meditation and in sacred rituals. Repeating a mantra – either by visualizing it in our minds or reciting it out loud – focuses our spirit on the subject of the meditation or ritual and activates our mental and spiritual energy. Both the mantra’s meaning and the vibrations of the syllables it contains determine its effect on us. In the best case, we can feel the subtle energy in our bodies vibrating moving beyond us to resonate with the universe.

ETERNAL BLISS mantra jewellery: physical affirmations in beautiful form

Because mantras, like other repeated affirmations, have a positive effect on our minds, they are a wonderful subject for yoga jewellery. Creating mantra jewellery worthy of their subjects’ significance was a challenge – and one we were excited to pursue because mantras are such a meaningful part of our own spiritual practice. And we realized that there are many aspects of mantras that can be beautifully expressed in yoga jewellery. By using only the finest precious metals – either genuine sterling silver or sterling silver gold-plated with pure 24-carat gold or rosé gold – our mantra pendants, mantra earrings, and mantra rings glow with concentrated energy. We also lovingly reproduce the Sanskrit or Tibetan script in which the mantras are written. This accuracy is essential to the authenticity of our mantra pendants and other yoga jewellery, and the traditional lettering is beautiful as well. On some of our mantra-themed yoga jewellery, we also paired the mantras with luminous gemstones that symbolize their meaning and heighten their spiritual energy.

The ring: a symbol of repetition and recitation

For our mantra pendants and earrings featuring the most simple and universal mantra, OM, the elegant lines of the Sanskrit writing determine the form. For the longer mantras, we found a different solution: the Sanskrit text appears on a perfectly proportioned ring. Circular forms like our mantra pendants have tremendous symbolic power – they represent the infinite, recurring cycles, the universe, and the spirit. All these meanings resonate when you wear our mantra jewellery. The timeless, elegant ring design of our mantra pendants suggests the endless recitation of the mantra echoing within and without. It also resembles the form of Tibetan prayer wheels. These consist of cylinders with mantras either attached inside or wrapped around the exterior. The cylinders are placed on spindles and can be turned either by hand or using water, wind, or another power source. Each rotation of the wheel is equivalent to a recitation of the mantra and sends the same spiritual energy into the universe.

The ring mantra pendants come in two versions. In the first, the chain or neck cord simply passes through the center of the ring itself. The resulting mantra necklace is striking in its reduced form and allows the mantra ring to rotate freely, heightening its similarity to a prayer wheel. We also offer the same mantra pendants with a loop for a chain or cord, for the look of a classical necklace.

Choosing the right Eternal Bliss mantra jewellery for you

For our yoga jewellery collection, we chose nine mantras that are especially widespread or associated with some of the most significant deities in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Since all our mantra pendants (except those with the mantra OM) have the same ring form, the best way to choose the right yoga jewellery for you is to understand the meanings of the different mantras.

OM pendant, OM ring, OM earrings: The OM mantra represents the sound of creation and contains the potential for everything that followed. It is a universal, eternal vibration that connects the absolute and relative worlds. Because OM is such an essential mantra, we have interpreted it in a variety of ways: as pendants in different sizes, as the centerpiece of hoop or drop earrings, and as the primary motif of several striking signet rings. All our OM yoga jewellery brings this fundamental mantra to life through elegant design and superb craftsmanship.

Tara mantra pendant (for enlightenment): The mantra OM Tare Tuttare Ture Soha l comes from the Tibetan tradition. It calls to the green Tara, a female Buddha figure known as “the Liberator” with the power to destroy the demons of fear and doubt. Our Tara mantra pendants features the mantra in raised Tibetan script. Some of the Tara mantra jewellery is also accented with brilliant topaz gemstones that reinforce the Tara mantra’s energy.

Ganesha mantra pendant (for happiness): Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in Hinduism, is one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved deities. His mantra OM Gam Ganapat Ye Namah ll honors this remover of obstacles and lord of abundance. It appears in raised Sanskrit script on our beautiful Ganesha mantra pendant. We also incorporate faceted amethysts in some of our Ganesha yoga jewellery.

Gayatri mantra pendant (for light): OM Bhur Bhuvah Svaha l Tat Savitur Varemyam l Bhargo Devasya l Dhimahi Dhiyo Yona Prachodayat ll. This ancient invocation honors the sun as a symbol of the divine and seeks enlightenment and clarity. The delicate Sanskrit lettering of the mantra is embossed on our ring pendants. For our Gayatri mantra jewellery with gemstones, we have accented the mantra with dazzling rock crystals to strengthen its energy.

Lakshmi mantra pendant (for abundance): Lakshmi is the goddess of love, abundance, and beauty. The mantra OM Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah ll calls on her to share her blessings. This lovely mantra is embossed on the shining silver or gold-plated surface of our Lakshmi mantra pendants. The version with gemstones is particularly beautiful as it features a striking combination of three different stones: rhodolite, citrine, and pink tourmaline.

Kali mantra pendant (for transformation): Kali, whose name means “the dark one,” is a wild goddess with the power to slay demons. She acts as a liberator and protector, clearing away the old to make way for change. Her mantra OM Krim Kalikaya Namah ll appears in raised Sanskrit script on our beautiful ring pendants. For our Kali mantra pendants with gemstones, we chose an especially dramatic combination: a ruby and nearly black sapphires.

Krishna mantra pendant (for love): Chanting the well-known Krishna mantra is said to open up the heart and fill it with divine energy. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna l Krishna Krishna Hare Hare l Hare Rama Hare Rama l Rama Rama Hare Hare ll – our Krishna mantra pendants feature these inspiring words in raised Sanskrit script. Because the Krishna mantra is so beloved, we also created a series of special mantra necklaces that combine the mantra ring pendant with our stylized heart chakra amulet. Pairing these two powerful symbols intensifies the love, joy, and sense of community that they express. The gemstone variants of our Krishna mantra pendants are accented with precious glowing rubies.

Shiva mantra (for a new beginning): Creation, destruction, and a new beginning: the god Shiva personifies the endless cycle of transformation. The simple yet powerful mantra OM Namah Shivaya ll appears in beautiful Sanskrit script on our Shiva mantra pendants. Some styles also feature a stunning square-cut blue iolite gemstone.

Mangala mantra (for peace): Svasti Praja Bhyah Pari Pala Yantam l Nyayeny Margena Mahim Mahishah l Go Brahmanebhyah Shubham Astu Nityam l Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu l OM Shanti Shanti Shantihi ll. This especially poetic mantra is a call for peace, light, and love in the world. The elegant Sanskrit script of this sacred text is carefully embossed in our Mangala mantra pendant. 
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