Flower of Life jewellery



The sacred geometry and the Flower of Life

The underlying forms that structure the universe are known as the sacred geometry. One of the most important – and most fascinating – of these forms is the Flower of Life. In this figure, identical circles are arranged in a regular overlapping pattern to produce a lattice of petal-like shapes. Looking more closely, we can discover a multitude of other patterns contained within the Flower of Life arrangement. Many of these are recognizable as spiritual symbols from a range of religious and esoteric traditions. The Tree of Life from the mystical Jewish teachings of the Kabbala is contained in the Flower of Life, and diverse Hindu yantras and mandalas can also be traced in its lines. The Flower of Life and related geometrical figures can be found in the religious architecture and art of different continents, countries, and cultures.

Flower of Life jewellery: fascinating form in the finest materials

The universal nature of the Flower of Life and its great beauty make it a rewarding object of study for spiritual seekers from many different schools of thought. As a result, interpretations of it are popular and widespread. It was important to us to include this timeless figure in our esoteric jewellery, but we also knew that we had to create Flower of Life pendants and other pieces that are truly special and that capture the magical energy of this mystical symbol.

We start by using only the finest metals for our esoteric jewellery. All our Flower of Life pendants and earrings and made of sterling silver, luminous on its own or gold-plated with 24-carat pure gold or rosé gold. These precious metals are the most fitting material to represent the Flower of Life, which symbolizes a higher form of structure and order. We also drew on our years of design experience to craft Flower of Life jewellery with depth and texture. While the basic form of the Flower of Life may be two-dimensional, our Flower of Life pendants and earrings have a rich, sculptural quality. As you contemplate our Flower of Life jewellery, you will be drawn in not only by the surface lines but the interplay of light and shadows in its depths. Our esoteric jewellery has a satisfying weight in your hand and the smooth contours invite you to trace them with your fingers.

In all of our Flower of Life necklaces and earrings, we enclose the repeating pattern with a border composed of three concentric circles that represent the body, mind, and spirit. To further emphasize the beautiful geometric structure of this sacred form, some of our esoteric jewellery with the Flower of Life incorporates vibrant red rubies at the nodes where the circles meet. They will further focus your attention and enhance the spiritual energy of the Flower of Life jewellery.

You can buy our pendants alone or as a complete Flower of Life necklace, with either a matching anchor chain or a coordinated neck cord. Our Flower of Life earrings are hoops combining dangling Flower of Life ornaments and Tibetan-style beads, all in sterling silver or sterling silver gold-plated with 24-carat gold.

Meaning of the Flower of Life

Flower of Life energy supports systems, such as our physical and mental health, that rely on harmony and balance. For this reason, the Flower of Life is a powerful symbol of protection.  It also stands for growth and development, and reminds us of the interconnectedness of all beings. Contemplating or meditating on the Flower of Life – especially in a beautiful form like our esoteric jewellery – is a deeply rewarding experience as the many layers and patterns within it come alive and fire our imaginations.

The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life, another figure from the sacred geometry, is closely related to the Flower of Life. Because it consists of just seven overlapping circles, it is a lighter, more open pattern – but no less fascinating. As a preliminary form of the Flower of Life, it represents the origin of life and the universe – a metaphorical “seed” carrying the basis of everything within it. Some traditions associate the seven circles in the Seed of Life with the seven days of Biblical creation. It also clearly resembles an atom: an amazing example of ancient philosophical wisdom anticipating modern scientific discoveries.

Seed of Life jewellery

Just like our Flower of Life esoteric jewellery, our Seed of Life pendants, earrings, and bracelets are all crafted from the very finest materials. We use only sterling silver, alone or gold-plated with 24-carat gold or rosé gold. We also accent some of our Seed of Life pendants with rubies at the points where the circles intersect. These brilliant points of red make the beautiful pattern even more striking and the gemstones heighten the spiritual energy of the Seed of Life jewellery.

Thanks to its symmetry and grace, our esoteric jewellery featuring the Seed of Life exudes a sense of harmony. Since the Seed of Life is meant to emanate energy and multiply throughout the forms of the universe, our Seed of Life pendants and earrings are not bound by a border. As with our Flower of Life jewellery, you can choose a pendant combined with a matching anchor chain or a coordinating neck cord for a complete Seed of Life necklace or, alternatively, buy the pendant on its own. Our elegant hoop earrings with the Seed of Life and Tibetan beads are beautiful in their own right or the perfect accompaniment to a Seed of Life necklace.

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