Mantra Anhänger und Mantra Ketten - Hochwertige Mantraschmuck-Kollektion aus Sterling Silber, vergoldet und mit Edelsteinen von ETERNAL BLISS - Spiritueller Yoga Schmuck - Mantra pendants and Mantra necklaces, mantra jewellery made from sterling silver

Mantra pendants | mantra necklaces

Magische Mantra Anhänger mit kraftvollen Energien aus uralten Traditionen

Aufwendig hergestellte Anhänger in handwerklicher Tradition mit heiligen, alten Mantra Versen in Sanskrit und Tibetischer Schrift, von den bedeutendsten asiatischen Göttern. Je nach Mantra unterstützen sie dich als funkelnde Energiespender bei Themen wie Liebe (Krishna), Licht (Gayatri), Frieden (Mangala), Stärke und Transformation (Shiva), Glück (Ganesha) und innerer Fülle (Lakshmi). Sie erinnern dich tagtäglich daran, deine Ziele im Auge zu behalten. Eine limitierte Auswahl der eindrucksvollen Mantra Anhänger haben wir mit leuchtenden farbigen Edelsteinen besetzt, und den Energieaspekt der Gottheit akzentuiert. Entdecke unsere Vielfalt der ewigen, magischen Mantra Anhänger.


    Authentic and powerful. The joy and care that goes into the design and craftmanship of our mantra pendants brings these positive symbols to life. The traditional mantra verses appear in authentic embossed or raised lettering on beautifully proportioned rings. The ring form represents the universe, recurring cycles, and the infinite, supporting the mantra’s function as a positive affirmation. We have created pendants for the most important mantras and deities. Crafted in the finest sterling silver, they are also available gold-plated in 24-carat classic gold or rosé gold. These inspiring pendants can connect us with the divine energy embodied by the god or goddess they represent.

    Traditional mantra pendants – essence of pure form

    Mantra pendants with luminous gemstones – sparkling color that heightens the mantra’s impact

    Mini mantra pendants – delicate and graceful

    Mantra pendants with a large loop for a chain – classic and elegant

    In a mantra, sound and meaning are one

    “Mantra” is a Sanskrit word for an affirmation. It consists of two elements: manas, which means “mind,” and tram, which means “protection.” Mantra, in turn, means “mind protector.” Alternatively, the second syllable of “mantra” could come from the word for “instrument” or “tool.” The purpose of reciting a mantra is to change our state of consciousness by causing our mind to resonate with the mantra’s vibrations instead of dwelling on other thoughts.

    The best-known mantras for the eight most important deities

    For our mantra jewellery, we were inspired by the most powerful mantras for the eight best-known deities in the Buddhist, Tibetan, and Hindu traditions, incorporating these verses in raised or embossed lettering in our elegant pendants. We have carefully reproduced the characters correctly, including diacritical marks, for an authentic text that unfolds its full traditional power. You can choose from the Tara, Shiva, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Mangala, Krishna, Gayatri, or Kali mantras.

    Finest materials

    All of our fascinating mantra pendants are crafted from solid sterling silver. Many of our mantra pendants are also available with a classic gold or rosé gold finish. The gold finishes are produced by gold-plating the sterling silver pieces with a layer of pure 24-carat gold.

    “A mystical energy encased in a sound structure” – Swami Vishnu-Devananda

    In Sanskrit, each syllable stands for a particular quality of energy. As a result, it can transmit cosmic vibrations. This transmission can take place through sound, deep identification, or a visual representation – as in a Tibetan prayer wheel, in which each revolution corresponds to a recitation of the mantra. In traditional belief, the syllables alone can cause our souls to resonate with the highest being, whether we understand their meaning or not.When we repeat a mantra, we concentrate on the affirmation it contains in order to free ourselves to experience the joy that exists within all beings – and feel united with the divine.

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