Chakra Anhänger – Chakra Ketten | Anhänger und Ketten mit Chakra Symbolen der 7 Haupt Chakren | Schmuck mit spiritueller Bedeutung | Sterling Silber hochwertig vergoldet mit Edelsteinen akzentuiert | ETERNAL BLISS

Chakra pendants & necklaces

Hochwertige Chakra Anhänger mit kraftvollen Symbolen und heilenden Edelsteinen

Chakra Symbole gehören zu den faszinierendsten Aspekten des Yoga. Sie verdichten Jahrtausende alte Weisheit in Formen, die uns inspirieren und berühren. Wie findest du das passende Chakra? Es ist entweder das Schmuckstück, das dich intuitiv direkt anzieht. Dann konzentriere dich auf dein Inneres und spüre die Bewegung und ausgleichende Energie. Oder du erfährst die Bedeutung der einzelnen Symbole, und kannst das Chakra finden, das zu diesem Zeitpunkt deines Lebens für dich bestimmt ist.


    The design of our charka pendants is inspired by traditional depictions of the chakras. We drew on our passion and knowledge to develop the three series that make up our chakra jewellery collection. All of our chakra pendants are handcrafted from the finest sterling silver and are also available with a 24-carat classic gold finish. The mini chakra designs are available in rosé gold as well.

    Chakra pendants with genuine gemstones

    The heart of each pendant is a luminous precious gemstone with the color that represents the chakra’s energy. The gemstones’ light energy can activate the chakras’ subtle essence.

    Chakra pendants with mantra

    The energetic center of each pendant is the chakra’s beej mantra in beautiful Sanskrit lettering.

    Mini chakra pendants

    Traced in fine lines that reduce the chakra forms to their essence, these delicate pendants can accompany you every day.


    Chakra pedants – the power of symbols –

    Our bodies contain seven different primary chakras. They are positioned along the vertical axis that runs from the tailbone to the crown of the head. The traditional symbolic representation of the chakras is precisely defined. Each chakra is associated with a specific form, a particular color, a certain number of lotus petals, and its own beej mantra (seed mantra) and thematic Sanskrit symbol. As a result, each chakra contains different energies and resonates differently, so it affects different organs in our bodies and influences different states of consciousness. The chakras’ energizing impact is grounded in their traditional symbolic representation, which we faithfully capture in our jewellery.

    Chakras – panta rhei, everything flows –

    Thanks to the authentic depictions of these ancient symbols and our extensive spiritual knowledge, our chakra pendants exude inspiring energy that can activate your chakras and allow your life force to flow. Furthermore, meditation or intensive contemplation using the chakra pendant suitable for you can open your inner being, strengthen your charkas’ energy, and guide you into mental and spiritual realms that build and structure your inner balance.

    All of our spiritual chakra jewellery is made from genuine sterling silver. The classic gold and rosé gold pieces are made of sterling silver with 24-carat gold plating, and the genuine gemstones are clear and cut in brilliant facets that catch the light. This allows them to absorb as much light energy as possible and direct it to your chakras.

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