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Originary divine sound

Om or Aum is the universal manta – the original word that contains everything in itself. It is a representation of the first sound, the creation, and the essence of the Veda. Om exists as an eternal, universal vibration and acts as a nexus between the absolute and relative worlds.


Om is the best-known of all mantras. Reciting a mantra causes it to resonate in our bodies, minds, and souls, expanding our consciousness and manifesting spiritual power. Mantras can be relaxing or invigorating, and can resolve blockages.


The hand-crafted OM CHARM pendant is available in sterling silver and gold vermeil (sterling silver with 18-carat gold plating).

Size: 19mm long (including loop for chain).


Combine your OM pendant with a chain or neck cord from our ETERNAL BLISS online shop. The photo shows the OM pendant in gold with a NECK CORD in poppy/gold. The silver OM is paired with our 1.5mm GLOSSY ANCHOR CHAIN.

*Benefits are highly individual and have not been scientifically proven.

Delivered in an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.