Crown chakra with quartz (gold plated)


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Spiritual enlightenment

A luminous clear quartz surrounded by an infinite number of lotus petals that symbolize the energy channels or nadis.

The design of our crown chakra pendant allows the 7mm gemstone to unfold its full splendor. The attention to detail creates a powerful, authentic interpretation of this traditional form.

Sahasrara: thousandfold

The crown chakra (also known as the Buddha chakra) is located on and directly above the crown of the head. It resonates to white light and is associated with the cosmos.

Benefits*: Wear this pendant to activate your crown chakra, which encourages transcendence and the higher self. At the physical level: pituitary gland.

Details: Our crown chakra pendant is hand-crafted from sterling silver with 18-carat gold-plating. Gemmed with a 7mm gemstone facet cut.

Size: 20mm wide; 27mm high (including loop for chain)

Combinations: Combine your pendant with a chain or neck cord from our ETERNAL BLISS online shop. The photo shows our crown chakra pendant combined with a cord in black/gold.

Delivered in an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.

*Benefits are highly individual and not scientifically or medically proven.

Price does not include a chain/cord.