Flower of life (gold plated)


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Symbol of life and sign of protection

The flower of life is a symbol of energy. It is formed of evenly spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like pattern, and is used as a sign of protection. The triple circle that surrounds it represents the triad of body-mind-soul. For this reason, this symbol is associated with the life force.

Hand-crafted in gold plated sterling silver

The FLOWER OF LIFE pendant from ETERNAL BLISS merges the consummate beauty of the flower pattern with the cosmic significance of the surrounding circles. By combining balanced proportions, precise craftsmanship, and an artistic interpretation of the traditional content, we have created a FLOWER OF LIFE pendant that exudes energy.

Benefits*: Because it consists of a harmonically organized pattern, the FLOWER OF LIFE strengthens harmonically organized states, such as our health.

Details: The pendant is hand-crafted in sterling silver with a 18-carat gold plating.

Size: Diameter 30mm; height 38mm (incl. loop for chain).

Combinations: To complete your FLOWER OF LIFE pendant, you can buy a chain or a cord from our ETERNAL BLISS online shop. The picture shows the FLOWER OF LIFE on a 1.5mm ANCHOR CHAIN.

*Benefits are highly individual and have not been scientifically proven.

Delivered in an attractive ETERNAL BLISS gift box.

Price does not include a chain/ cord.