Samen des Lebens Schmuck | Esoterischer Schmuck mit spiritueller Bedeutung | Sterling Silber hochwertig vergoldet mit Edelsteinen akzentuiert | ETERNAL BLISS | Seed of Life jewelry | Esoteric jewelry with spiritual meaning | Sterling silver

Seed of Life jewellery

Anhänger, Ketten, Armbänder und Ohrringe mit dem Samen des Lebens*

Samen des Lebens - Allumfassendes Potenzial - Magisch - Mächtig - Urkraft

Elemental power

The Seed of Life is a symbol of elemental power. The seed depicted in this fascinating symbol contains the mystery of life and its infinite potential. The seed represents the creation story: each circle stands for one of the seven days. The symmetrical arrangement of the circles has a harmonizing and energizing effect on body, mind, and spirit. As a preliminary form of the Flower of Life, it represents the origin of life and the universe – a metaphorical “seed” carrying the basis of everything within it. The principle embodied in the Seed of Life animates all life forms.

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