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Kali Yantra jewellery

Anhänger, Ketten, Armbänder und Ohrringe mit dem Kali Yantra*

कालीयन्त्र Kali Yantra - Schutz - Segen - Wunscherfüllung - Veränderung - Transformation

It’s about transformation

A yantra is a traditional diagram that represents an aspect of the divine as a geometric figure with spiritual and ritual significance. The bindu point at the center of the yantra symbolizes both the seat of the self (atman) and a deity. A yantra is used in meditation as a tool for partaking in the energy of a deity or divine principle.

The Kali Yantra is a powerful abstract representation of the goddess Kali. The name Kali means "the black one, the dark one." In folk tradition, Kali is one of the few goddesses who can fulfill wishes. She is a protector and benefactor of mankind who liberates the spirit. Kali Yantra symbols are used for protection from negative influences and forces in many situations (chronic illnesses, dangerous journeys, social tensions). Kali energy promotes change, transformation, liberation, breakthroughs, and renewal. It supports us to finish with the past so we can develop something new and follow new paths.

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