Herz  Chakra Schmuck | Anahata | Spirituelle Schmuckkollektion von ETERNAL BLISS aus Sterling Silber mit Edelsteinen - Thema Liebe -

Heart chakra jewellery

Anhänger, Ketten, Armbänder und Ohrringe mit dem Herz Chakra

Sanskrit: Anahata Chakra* - Hingabe - Einfühlungsvermögen - Mitgefühl - Bedingungslose Liebe

Anahata chakra - dedication - empathy - caring - unconditional love


Traditional beliefs about the fourth chakra (or heart chakra) inspire the design of our Anahata chakra jewellery. They inspired us to present the heart chakra’s powerful symbols and authentic, fresh color in the finest materials. Listening to your heart and using your intuition and sense of beauty is simple and leads you to the perfect chakra jewellery for you

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